Working on my Work Space!

My Studio

I got my workspace cleaned up this week after a long summer of project making!  My dad sent me that awesome bungee chair for my birthday- it is so comfortable!  I'm starting to accumulate some unusual decor.

Desk front

Here's a picture of my desk right after we put it together.  It started as a sink base and a heavy door purchased from our local Habitat for Humanity store.  They were thoroughly sanded, then we painted the base Hulk green and added new hardware.  We raised it up on wheels to make it easy to move  around the studio and more comfortable to work at standing up.   It really increased my productivity, plus there is enough room for multiple people to work in the same space!

Desk Top

The most fun part of this desk though, is the top.  We have a box of damaged comic books that were perfect for this- we spent about ten hours cutting out panels and modgepodging them to the door.  After it dried, we covered the whole thing in a few layers of water based polyurethane for protection.   It is an amazing source of inspiration!  The only downside is that the busy pattern is extremely camouflaging- I'm always loosing my needle!

One of my favorite parts of my studio are the huge windows.  I live in a downtown area, so getting to watch the world go by is fantastic.  The natural light really helps when working with dyes, too!  The mannequin changes out fairly regularly- but is usually wearing a cape.