The Mechromancer from Borderlands 2: The Design

The first two cosplays I have planned for 2013 are video game based.  I've considered myself a gamer since about 2004 when I was introduced to Final Fantasy by a friend.  I wasn't allowed to play much when I lived at home but I started playing World of Warcraft pretty hardcore in college for about two years.  As I got older, I had more free time I could dedicate to playing and fell in love with some console games.  I spent hundreds of hours playing Fallout 3 and beat Katamari Damnacy.  I spent weekends playing Braid and Portal and Mario Kart.  I couldn't put down the Arkham games and waited by the window for the delivery man to bring me my pre orders.  Last year I logged the most hours in playing Skyrim, Marvel Pin Ball, and Borderlands 2.



I fell in love with Gaige as soon as I read about her DLC.  Her back story is hilarious, Deathtrap is a BEAST and she has hilarious in-game quips.  She went on my cosplay list as soon as I started playing.



Her character design is striking, and offered too many learning opportunities to turn down.  Her outfit will be fun yet challenging to pattern.  Vault hunting is dirty work, so I'm planning on making it out of sturdy cotton materials that would last under her kickass lifestyle.  Video game costuming leaves a little bit of wiggle room to enhance "real life" details.  I want this to look like Gaige the real girl, not just a cartoon.

I went back and forth on the color selection for a while.  Most people seem to stick to the traditional look when picking their palette on video game costumes.  I don't play my games on the default skin, so I don't see why I need to cosplay on default.  There are so many options!  My favorite is the Cherry Bomb skin, which you get as a reward after getting 100 kills with a rocket launcher.  Kaboom.  I'm a sucker for red and black.


Her utility belt has plenty of gadgets and props that I'm looking forward to recreating.  Essentials include a shield, grenade mod, class mod lunchbox, piston, and various holstered tools.  Double belts, one made from a bike chain and a Vault buckle that is sculpted and cast.  I'll sew a glove from leftover leather.  The jewelry and other details will be covered with a trip to the hardware store.  Hair is easy, it should be the perfect length by the time I'd like to premiere this to throw in some pigtails with a few extensions and a fresh layer of red.

 Gaige Refref3ref5

I'm most looking forward to assembling the robot arm for this cosplay.  I've got a few ideas- Instamorph, don't let me down!

ref7 ref6

My friend Austin is going to help me create a prop to go with my costume.  I'm leaning towards a rocket launcher to go with the skin- I'm a big fan of the big guns.


There will be a progress post up shortly!  I'm already starting to make some good strides.  This nerd is way too excited about her first video game cosplay.