BeatDownBoogie’s REALLY Long DragonCon Video

They do it every year…The BeatDownBoogie crew that is.  Every year they go to DragonCon to create and this year they knocked the feel-good party video out of the park.  Come watch 30 minutes of robot costumes, mini-racers, fantastic dancing batmen and much, much more. If 30 minutes is more awesome than you can handle

The Vault Hunters of Borderlands

When we started working on our version of Gaige from Borderlands 2 we really didn’t know if we’d ever get a chance to photograph it with any other Borderlands costumes.  We went through our normal motions, did a fun photoshoot with some of the guys from Distractotron and even went to ECCC and placed second

JLA vs The Avengers

Every now and then an opportunity presents itself that allows a schmuck with a camera like myself to capture something beautiful.  That was certainly the case at DragonCon 2013 where I was privy to JLA vs The Avengers. If you’re new to DragonCon let me start by saying the photo shoots that The Superhero Costuming

HeroesCon 2013: The Video

This year was our first HeroesCon and I can tell you with certainty that we’ll be back next year.  Heroes was a huge eye opener as to the difference an artist centric take on a convention makes for a fan’s enjoyment.  The artists were incredibly friendly and gracious as were all of the fans I

Dothraki Doom Loom

Looming is serious business.  A lot of time went into custom making my material for a Daenerys commission I’ve been working on.  Here’s a little bit of what went into it, played back at warp 9.

The Thrice Lasered Face of Medusa

When trying to get all of the details just right for my Hippolyta breastplate, I visited our long time buddy and resident laser master Austin (Brush4Hire) to put some precision cuts and engraving into my Worbla before putting everything together.