Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer 2

Are these robots still really disguised?

Let me start this article by making a bit of a confession, I'm a life-long Transformers fan who has fallen off of the bandwagon a bit. was good to get that off my chest.

Let me elaborate a little bit.  I like many of the individuals reading this was a child of the early 80s, and like many young lads of that decade I became enamored with Transformers once they hit the US in full force (Gen 1).

Fast forward quite a few years till my sophomore year in college.  It was at this point that I had decided to pursue my education in filmmaking.  I studied and honed my craft until I was a decent (but often self-described mediocre storyteller).  This background gave me what I believe to be a fair and balanced ability to critique media, even works I have emotional attachment to.

Shortly after my graduation I was extremely excited to see the first live-action realization of Transformers directed by Michael Bay.  Admittedly I wasn't the biggest Michael Bay or Shia Labeouf fan but I am always one to enter a theater with an open mind.  What I left with however was something completely different; not open but empty.

Years later and several sequels between them I present to you the second trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction, the fourth in a financially successful, critically panned series focusing around our modern human interactions with robots from a distant planet.

I being the eternal optimist still have high hopes for elements of this film.  I'm excited about seeing the Dinobots (a childhood favorite) played out on the big screen.  I'm always curious to see science fiction explained in films by current science fact.  Much of this however seems to be the same rehashed dribble that filled the original Transformers sequels (please prove me wrong).

I'll will withhold final judgement of course until seeing the film.  Feel free to leave your comments about the trailer, positive or negative in the comments below.