The Vault Hunters of Borderlands

DragonCon 2013

Vault Hunters of BorderlandsWhen we started working on our version of Gaige from Borderlands 2 we really didn't know if we'd ever get a chance to photograph it with any other Borderlands costumes.  We went through our normal motions, did a fun photoshoot with some of the guys from Distractotron and even went to ECCC and placed second in the video game division of their costume contest.  All the while however we never really encountered any other vault hunters.

That is until DragonCon.  Thanks to a friend who did some wonderful organizing through Facebook an excellent Borderlands group was put together (complete with 7 foot Deathtrap!).

There were more than 50 cosplayers in attendance in what had to be one of the largest Gearbox photoshoots assembled to date.  I bumped into a producer from Gearbox (who was steathily cosplaying Fix It Felix) who was simply floored by the level of detail put into the costumes.  I imagine it has to be humbling to see so many people brought together by a love of something you created.  Good Vibes.

What really surprised me was a little opportunity I got from a random connection on Facebook.  I divulged from my normal practice with this video

Above is a short video showcasing some of the costumes from the shoot.  Please enjoy.