The Rhino Slider

This is how you test ruggedness

Ever since I started shooting DSLR videography I've become absolutely obsessed with different methods of stabilization and support for cameras.  I've had the good fortune to test out quite a few sliders but I had never even heard of The Rhino Slider until this afternoon.

Now I am admittedly rough on my gear; when purchasing camera accessories build is normally one of the first features I focus on.  I'll typically make sure key components of any gear I'm interested in are made of metal over plastic, don't have any cheap adhesives or stitching and will hold up to my personal standard of abuse.  The guys at Rhino Slider take their tests a little bit further (see video above).

I've never intentionally sent any of my equipment out of orbit, but I do have a lot of respect for any accessory manufacturer that does.  I believe a Rhino Slider may be in my future.  Sorry Philip Bloom.

P.S. There are currently 70 hours left on the Rhino Slider Kickstarter.  If you'd like to help these guys out please donate (don't worry though they have met their goal).