Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer 2 Launched

We at Contagious Media have been big Guardians fans since I don’t know…a decade called the 80s.  So you can imagine our excitement to see GOTG finally played out on the big screen.  With the potential for other Marvel cosmic crossovers this one may prove to be a lynchpin for the upcoming phase 3 of

Wholock Doctor Who/Sherlock Crossover

Well it was back in March that Doctor Who and Sherlock show-runner Stephen Moffat said the Doctor and Sherlock would never meet each other in a show. “Their characters can’t meet because Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character in the Doctor’s universe. That’s one reason – you’ve seen Matt Smith dress up as Sherlock…he knows

Godzilla Trailer Launched

The King of All Monsters is finally back!  The Godzilla trailer has finally launched and with a force that will have you asking “Kaiju who?” Now I know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t we go through the whole Godzilla reboot process 15 years ago?”  The answer of course is yes and that is precisely why this

Space Rocks

Yet another 48 Hour Film competition has come and gone.  This year we drew Sci-Fi or Musical…naturally we had to make a Sci-Fi Musical.  Now this is my 10th 48 Hour Film competition and as a team we’ve always shied away from musical challenges.  This year however we wanted to try something a little different.

Epic New Pacific Rim Trailer

Let me start by saying that I watch completely too many movies/television shows.  That being said it takes a lot for a new franchise to pull me in given my limited time/dedication to other media properties.  However, after watching the third in what has been a blitzkrieg of incredible trailers for Pacific Rim I have

Tim Curry to voice Emperor Palpatine on Clone Wars

The Huffington Post is reporting that the vacant role of Emperor Palpatine, recently voiced by the late Ian Abercrombie for Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars, is now being handed over to Tim Curry.  Curry is certainly no stanger to voice work and should be able to blend into the cast fairly effortlessly. Perhaps this could be

Star Wars Episode VII: May the Fans be with you…

There has been a whirlwind of speculation over the freshly announced Star Wars Episode VII.  Who will direct it?  Who will the story be focused on?  These are great questions.  Who should the studios go to for answers? I say go to the fans. It’s no secret that the recent Star Wars films were riddled

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

I’ve always been a fan of Sci-fi.  Like many fans my age, I cut my teeth on shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation and films like Star Wars.  These more generally accepted shows and films opened my eyes to a plethora of other Sci-fi and Fantasy works during the 80’s and 90’s. I was