The Little Boxes: Brian Michael Bendis

If you’ve been a comic reader in the last 15 years you’d have to be living under a rock not to know who Brian Michael Bendis.  Bendis, a five time Eisner recipient, is arguably one of the most successful individuals working in the industry today. Speaking recently from his native town of Cleveland, Ohio, BMB

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer 2 Launched

We at Contagious Media have been big Guardians fans since I don’t know…a decade called the 80s.  So you can imagine our excitement to see GOTG finally played out on the big screen.  With the potential for other Marvel cosmic crossovers this one may prove to be a lynchpin for the upcoming phase 3 of

Gotham TV Show is Coming Your Way

The news that a Gotham TV show is coming to Fox has been making the rounds on fan boards for some time now.  Originally it was reported that the show would center around Gotham’s rough and tumble police commissioner Jim Gordon. Naturally big DC fans were excited about the prospect of having a show that

Wholock Doctor Who/Sherlock Crossover

Well it was back in March that Doctor Who and Sherlock show-runner Stephen Moffat said the Doctor and Sherlock would never meet each other in a show. “Their characters can’t meet because Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character in the Doctor’s universe. That’s one reason – you’ve seen Matt Smith dress up as Sherlock…he knows

Godzilla Trailer Launched

The King of All Monsters is finally back!  The Godzilla trailer has finally launched and with a force that will have you asking “Kaiju who?” Now I know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t we go through the whole Godzilla reboot process 15 years ago?”  The answer of course is yes and that is precisely why this

The Amazing Spiderman 2 Trailer

Well The Amazing Spiderman 2 trailer has official dropped and I have to say I’m significantly more impressed than I originally thought I was going to be. Once it had been announced that there were going to be three villains in Sony’s upcoming Spidey flick I immediately had flashbacks of Spiderman 3.  It simply felt

Space Rocks

Yet another 48 Hour Film competition has come and gone.  This year we drew Sci-Fi or Musical…naturally we had to make a Sci-Fi Musical.  Now this is my 10th 48 Hour Film competition and as a team we’ve always shied away from musical challenges.  This year however we wanted to try something a little different.

Working on my Work Space!

I got my workspace cleaned up this week after a long summer of project making!  My dad sent me that awesome bungee chair for my birthday- it is so comfortable!  I’m starting to accumulate some unusual decor. Here’s a picture of my desk right after we put it together.  It started as a sink base