Creating a Duct Tape Mannequin

Having an adjustable dress form that is set to my measurements has made a huge difference in how I create.  Being able to drape on a three dimensional surface makes problem solving on curves that much easier.  When Mike started getting involved in cosplay, one of the first things we did was create a mannequin

Costuming Contagious: Lord Fizzybottom

  Every summer, Contagious Media competes in the 48 Hour Film Festival in Greensboro, NC.  It is a whirlwind weekend of movie making and one of our favorite all year!  I usually act as producer and set director and have a blast bringing the director’s vision to reality.  Because the script is written Friday night

The Lady Adventurer

For my 24th birthday, I was gifted an adjustable dress form and a box of luxurious burgundy leather scraps leftover from a furniture restoration.   I used my materials as inspiration and designed a Steampunk Lady Adventurer costume for Halloween 2011.         I ended up falling in love with some brown linen at the

Power Girl

The first costume I started on for Dragon*Con 2012 was one of my personal favorite superheros, Power Girl.  She is essentially the Earth-2 (and beefed up) version of Super Girl, Superman’s first cousin and one of the last survivors of Krypton.   Infinite Crisis was the story that really got me hooked on comics so I

The Venture Bros

The Venture Brothers is an Adult Swim cartoon that rips on Johnny Quest and other Hanna-Barbera cartoons through the ages.  It has a broad cast of costumed character and is one of the funniest shows on television right now. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (Sheila) is a super villainess and wife to The Monarch, and evil


  I fell in love with A Song of Ice and Fire last summer in a month long whirlwind of Westeros. (Team Stannis!)  When I saw Melisandre’s hexagon dress early in season two of A Game of Thrones, it jumped to the top of my costuming queue.  The pattern was striking among the fur, wood

It’s Adventure Time!

What time is it? The first costumes we premiered at Dragon*Con 2012 were great for taking in the overwhelming chaos that is registration and the first day of the convention.  Adventure Time is an animated children’s show on Cartoon Network that has incredibly broad appeal.  It has fantastic story lines, interesting vocabulary and multifaceted characters. 

From the Page to the Stage

One of my favorite parts of the convention was modeling my Power Girl costume in the Page to the Stage Comic Book Pageant Saturday night.  I had a blast talking nerd backstage with the contestants, hosts, and other staff.  The costumes were beautiful!  Here are a few photos that Mike captured at the photo gauntlet

Screen Printed Designs

Screen printing is one of my favorite arts.  I picked up my press last summer and have really enjoyed learning how to use it.  The technique is a touch finicky and fairly messy, but each item produced is one of a kind.