Carrie Kelley needed a slingshot.

I have a few edits that I’m making to each of my costumes this week.  Just little things like modifying the drape of my Power Girl cape, touching up the finish on my Melisandre necklace, and repairing my destroyed Dr. Mrs. gloves. Robin is getting a new belt and a slingshot!  I wasn’t able to

Final Thoughts on Robin and Macy as The Hulk

Robin was a success!  We didn’t end up doing much for Halloween but I had a great time wearing it around town and to work that day.  The citizens of Greensboro seemed to get a kick out of helping me try to find Batman.  (That old man stood me up!)  I did make it out

WIP: Carrie Kelley “R” Patch

The Robin logo was the most important detail to get perfect on this costume.  Carrie’s “R” is much larger and rounder than those of her predecessors.  I searched, but was unable to find any suitable patches online anywhere!  I had to go custom. After I actually looked into it, a custom patch was WAY out

WIP: Carrie Kelley Uniform

I continued to adjust the fit on my vest, and wasn’t satisfied until I gave it princess seams.  Marilyn the mannequin is a touch broader than I am so my patterns tend to run big.   Now that I’ve adjusted it, it fits me like a glove! I added a red separating zipper in the

WIP: Carrie Kelley Accessories

I’m a sucker for suede when it comes to super hero accessories.    I searched everywhere I had a hard time finding the perfect shade for Robin at a reasonable pricetag.  When I found this hunter green costume polysuede I decided to use it for for my gloves and boots.  The first glove I made was

WIP: Robin, Girl Wonder!

So my Halloween plans have taken quite a turn since we last chatted.  After watching The Dark Knight Returns this week, I’ve decided on Carrie Kelley, the Bat’s enthusiastic sidekick from Frank Miller’s Earth 31.  She picked up a classic Robin costume with her lunch money in order to look the part.  I’m a huge

WIP: Aayla Secura

I’m bouncing around ideas for Halloween 2012.  First thought is Aayla Secura, a character from Star Wars.  She is a Twi’lek Jedi, a General in the Clone Wars, and quite the exotic beauty.  A friend made the suggestion and I fell in love!  I’m starting to catch up on her past in the Star Wars:


It is the most wonderful time of the year!  Halloween preparations began this week here at Contagious.  I’ve got my character picked out and have figured out most of the techniques I’ll be using (yay new skills!).  The first step was creating a cast of my head for a prosthetic. We searched around town for

Costuming Contagious: Fragile Creatures

Fragile Creatures was our 2012 entry into the 48 Go Green, an online eco-themed film festival.  We took our theme of “Save the Animals” quite literally.  By mixing plenty of faux fur pieces with street clothes, we created a hybrid look for our broad cast of characters.  Austin carved the snouts from foam (overnight, by