Creating Gaige’s Outfit

The first part of this costume that I tackled was the clothing.  The challenge of drafting the hoodie was too enticing (and cheap!) to put off until later.   And let’s be real for a moment- I really like vests.  I wish they were more stylish.   I started by draping my form in muslin, then sketching

The Mechromancer from Borderlands 2: The Design

The first two cosplays I have planned for 2013 are video game based.  I’ve considered myself a gamer since about 2004 when I was introduced to Final Fantasy by a friend.  I wasn’t allowed to play much when I lived at home but I started playing World of Warcraft pretty hardcore in college for about

2012: A Costuming Year in Review

This year was a pretty great one for me creatively.  I’ve started sewing as much as I can because only practice makes perfect.  I kicked it into high gear in October 2011 after getting my dress form and have been going strong since then.  I made a few robes in the winter, but the first

The Corset Challenge: Part 3

I had a bunch of red sateen left over from a party dress (appearing in a blog post soon) and decided that it would be lovely to use as a fashion fabric for the outer lining of my next corset.  I had some duckcloth that was too stiff for its intended project which worked out

The Doctor Who Christmas Invasion

This is going to be my fourth Christmas living with Mike.  He is particularly jolly this time of year and really embraces the Holiday Season (any reason to celebrate is a good reason!)   We already have had the tree up and the lights outside for a week.   I’ve got a gingerbread house in the

The Corset Challenge: Part 2

Part one here. I realized as soon as I put on the last version that I was way off the mark by making my pattern larger.  It also got wider while I was sewing it together.  I put it the ugly plaid corset to the side and cut another out of some sturdy material leftover

The Corset Challenge: Part One

I’ve been eyeballing a few characters lately that have strapless bodices.  Being a curvy lady, the only way I can do strapless is with some serious support- like that provided by a steel boned corset!  Good corsets are well out of my price range so the challenge was born.  Corset-making has been a skill that