Completed Projects

The Perfect Hawaiian Shirt

My father has style.  He had a serious role in my fashion sense growing up and could always dress me better than I could dress myself.   His personal wardrobe is very uniform- he sticks with what works.  Lands End white tee, khaki shorts and dark brown boat shoes paired with a Hawaiian shirt.  If it

The Corset Challenge: Part 3

I had a bunch of red sateen left over from a party dress (appearing in a blog post soon) and decided that it would be lovely to use as a fashion fabric for the outer lining of my next corset.  I had some duckcloth that was too stiff for its intended project which worked out

The Lady Adventurer

For my 24th birthday, I was gifted an adjustable dress form and a box of luxurious burgundy leather scraps leftover from a furniture restoration.   I used my materials as inspiration and designed a Steampunk Lady Adventurer costume for Halloween 2011.         I ended up falling in love with some brown linen at the

Power Girl

The first costume I started on for Dragon*Con 2012 was one of my personal favorite superheros, Power Girl.  She is essentially the Earth-2 (and beefed up) version of Super Girl, Superman’s first cousin and one of the last survivors of Krypton.   Infinite Crisis was the story that really got me hooked on comics so I