The Costumes of HeroesCon 2014

Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find sure knows how to put on a convention.  We had an absolute blast this year. I decided to switch my coverage of the convention up a little bit this year and opted to go with stills as opposed to a cosplay video.  I still hope you enjoy them as much

The Perfect Hawaiian Shirt

My father has style.  He had a serious role in my fashion sense growing up and could always dress me better than I could dress myself.   His personal wardrobe is very uniform- he sticks with what works.  Lands End white tee, khaki shorts and dark brown boat shoes paired with a Hawaiian shirt.  If it

The Vault Hunters of Borderlands

When we started working on our version of Gaige from Borderlands 2 we really didn’t know if we’d ever get a chance to photograph it with any other Borderlands costumes.  We went through our normal motions, did a fun photoshoot with some of the guys from Distractotron and even went to ECCC and placed second

JLA vs The Avengers

Every now and then an opportunity presents itself that allows a schmuck with a camera like myself to capture something beautiful.  That was certainly the case at DragonCon 2013 where I was privy to JLA vs The Avengers. If you’re new to DragonCon let me start by saying the photo shoots that The Superhero Costuming

Working on my Work Space!

I got my workspace cleaned up this week after a long summer of project making!  My dad sent me that awesome bungee chair for my birthday- it is so comfortable!  I’m starting to accumulate some unusual decor. Here’s a picture of my desk right after we put it together.  It started as a sink base

Building Hippolyta’s Armor

After using Worbla in my Gaige costume, I knew that it would be the perfect material to craft the light armor I needed for Hippolyta.  I started by making a pattern out of masking tape, then cut the details out of foam to sandwich between the layers of plastic.  We cut the details out with