Building Hippolyta’s Armor

After using Worbla in my Gaige costume, I knew that it would be the perfect material to craft the light armor I needed for Hippolyta.  I started by making a pattern out of masking tape, then cut the details out of foam to sandwich between the layers of plastic.  We cut the details out with the laser cutter, attached it all together with some superglue, then coated it with a few generous layers of woodglue to help fill in the texture.

I attached a bunch of tiny rings to scrap pieces, then connected those to the back of the armor to give a place to secure straps.  The whole thing got primed and painted with Montana Black gold chrome paint.  Austin added a little airbrushed magic to help the details pop!  I didn't get to try it all on until the night before I wore it, but was very please with how my first armor set turned out.